U.T. Vibrance Powder vs Pill Review

By on November 5, 2015

Just last week I wrote about my use of U.T. Vibrance to combat a lingering Urinary Tract Infection. Though the treatment worked, I didn’t feel 100% – I felt about 98%.

Though I’m not convinced that the problem wasn’t my head, I swear that sometimes at night I would feel what I thought might be a slight burn. As the ingredients in U.T. Vibrance are rather harmless compared to antibiotics; I decided to go a second round.

U.T. Vibrance Crisis Intervention Pill or Powder

ut vibrance powderThe first time around I took the pill. The pills worked fine but they are huge and you have to take lots of them. This time around I was tempted by the powder form. The good news? After finishing the powder I can say with certainty that I feel 100%. The bad news? There are pros and cons to both the pill and the powder.

The obvious con to the pill is that they are pills and you must swallow 5 of them every 3-4 waking hours. The pro being that it’s easy. You open the lid, pop a pill in your mouth, and swallow. Also, the pills seemed to be a faster process. They were gone in a few days.

The obvious con to the powder is that it taste like shit. Seriously. I made my husband try it and he likened it to a college experience with mushroom tea but without the benefits. The second con is that it creates a lot of dishes. Like the pill, you must drink the powder every 3-4 waking hours which left me with 4 extra cups and spoons to wash every day. Not a huge deal, but less convenient than a pill. The pro to the powder being that you don’t have to swallow a pill but swallowing something that tastes terrible isn’t any easier. In the end, I would pick the pills over the powder but I did find one trick to getting the powder to taste palatable…

Making U.T. Vibrance Powder Taste Good

I first mixed U.T. Vibrance with cold water – terrible, then hot water – ughhhh, then juice – ewwwww. Nothing seemed to work. Lucky for me it’s Fall time so I had some no sugar added Apple Cider on hand and Apple Cider is the trick!

Now if you recall, refraining from sugar was part of my overall treatment plan for my UTI, and though the cider is no sugar added, Apple Cider is still high sugar. However, you only need a swallow to make it work. Apple Cider is rather spicy and powdery by nature so the U.T. Vibrance powder fits right in. Simply put one scoop of the powder in a tea-cup with a couple splashes of Apple Cider, mix well, and shoot it down like a shot. Yum Yum Yum. Not even kidding. It tastes good. So if you can’t take pills and are stuck with the powder, get yourself some Apple Cider.

In the end I prefer the U.T. Vibrance pill over powder for convenience but they both worked for me better than antibiotics. If you want to try the powder, you can buy it here or checkout the pills here.

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