Sattvic Portions – Finding Balance on Your Plate

By on September 2, 2014

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What we eat and the portions we eat are essential to proper health. In this article I will address portions not diet.

Chew and Chew Some More

First and foremost it is essential that food is chewed properly. When chewing, food is mechanically broken down to a manageable size and mixed with saliva. The saliva starts the digestive process by breaking down starch and the food is now in a state that can be swallowed. Then in the stomach gastric juices start the protein digestion, simultaneously the stomach muscles mix the digesting food helping the enzymes function. Our stomach, if overstuffed, will need to work harder to digest contents.

Eating Air?

After consuming food we have 2 states of food in the stomach: solid and liquid and if not stuffed, air.

There should be a proper ratio of these 3 states for the stomach to work efficiently and help you maintain a healthy life style. The optimum ratio: 50:25:25 (solid: liquid: air)

If you have 50% solid, 25% liquid, and 25% air in your stomach you have the optimum mixture. Your stomach will work properly and efficiently because there will be enough room in your stomach to chemically and mechanically digest food. This process takes somewhere between 1 and 2 hours and digestion continues as it passes through the small and large intestines.

What’s a Liquid?

When you think liquids, don’t think water. In a Sattvic Diet, liquid means things like soup, milk, yogurt etc. Water should not be included in the meal process and you should not drink water for 15-30 minutes before your meal, during your meal, or after because water will dilute the chemical process.

Before you eat your next meal be mindful. Pay attention and divide your food in the right portions. It may take a few meals to adjust to this style of eating but after a few days your body will be trained for the Sattvic Diet.

Healthy metabolism, strong digestive system, strength, healthy mind…

Dive deeper into the Yoga of Eating by checking out this book by Charles Eisenstein.

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