Salt Cave Review for Acne and Allergies

By on April 19, 2014

Salt Cave for Acne and AllergiesMy mother has been pushing me to try our local salt cave for months. I ignored her until I read that it will cure acne. I will do pretty much anything to get rid of the cystic adult acne I get on my chin including ditching my cellphone to sit in a cave for an hour. It kind of makes sense if you think about it. Some people will tell you the beach sun makes acne worse and some people will tell you it makes it better but what if it isn’t the sun at all? What if the solution is the ocean salt that makes a beach vacation the best treatment for acne? Unfortunately we don’t have a beach where I live but we do have a salt cave.

I arrived for my salt therapy treatment 15 minutes in advance. I sat in a small room with two other salt therapy aficionados who were eager to begin. The lady next to me kindly chattered away about the cave and how much better each treatment made her feel. She passed me a heat pack and a blanket and we settled in to view a short educational video. The video explained that the salt cave was a Himalayan Salt Cave designed by Dr. Smiechowski an expert on Himalayan salt. According to the video salt caves have been used to treat people in European countries for more than 30 years. I learned that salt caves have been used as remedies for everything from fatigue to … well …. acne!

Did the Salt Cave Cure my Acne?

I sat in my “zero gravity chair” staring at the twinkling lights surrounded by 12,000 pounds of salt. Every few minutes a small blue light would appear bursting salt particles into the air. After a few minutes in my chair I experienced drainage in my throat. I questioned the sensation at first and settled back into my relaxed state. Not too long after I noticed my throat felt sort of cold followed again by a draining sensation. Could it be that I came for my acne but actually got something better? You see it is Springtime in the South and any Southern gal will tell you that we just deal with things like giant bugs and allergies but the cave seemed to be doing the impossible.

How Do Salt Caves Help Relieve Allergy Symptoms?

After my experience I decided to do a little research. The claim is that halotherapy works by replicating the environment of a salt cave. The air inside these caves is pure. They claim to be free of pollutants, free of environmental toxins with just the right humidity and pumped full of mineral-rich salt particles. These particles work as a natural anti-inflammatory and are small enough to enter your airways and clean out mucus. While there are no US studies to back this claim I can tell you that it worked for me and there have been several studies abroad that suggest the caves can have a positive impact on seasonal allergy sufferers.

The salt that they use is not your everyday table salt. This high quality salt contains minerals and trace elements that are essential to good health and well-being. The Himalayan Salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements that are highly beneficial for the body including magnesium, calcium, copper, potassium and iron.

According to healthy living expert Dr. Oz salt is an effective treatment for a cold,

“For a cold: Use a salt inhaler. It loosens the mucus that builds up. When you inhale, the microscopic salt particles are picked up and deposited into your airways. The salt draws soothing moisture into the mucus, making it thinner and more easily swept out by cilia, the tiny hairs that protect your nostrils and other passageways from unwelcome particles. When you feel a cold coming on, use it for 15 minutes a day to reduce the symptoms.”

While you could use a salt inhaler as Dr. Oz suggests or even a Neti Pot the caves do have the added benefit of unplugging for total relaxation. If you have a cave near you take advantage.


I can’t endorse the salt cave as a remedy for cystic acne but I do think it is effective in alleviating symptoms of seasonal allergies. People with more serious respiratory problems like asthma should avoid salt caves. The Asthma Foundation of Australia warns against salt caves for asthma sufferers as does the Asthma Society of Ireland. Foundation spokesperson, Dr Charles Mitchell, expressed his concern with the promotion of salt therapy as a drug-free treatment against asthma.

“Respiratory specialists use saline/salt to ‘bring on’ asthma attacks in patients suspected of having asthma in order to provide evidence for the presence and severity of asthma.”

The Foundation strongly recommends caution with respect to the use of salt rooms for people with asthma and recommends patients discuss salt therapy with their General Practitioner or Respiratory Specialist.

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