Replace These 7 Products With Coconut Oil

By on August 20, 2014

Are you sick of hearing about Coconut Oil yet? As trendy as Coconut Oil may seem, I don’t think it is a trend. I’m pretty sure that Coconut Oil is here to stay. It works. It’s cheap. It’s good for you. Two lovely ladies have created a video on showing us all how to replace 7 products with Coconut Oil. For our Coconut Oil deodorant recipe go here. To get started with Coconut Oil purchase the best here.

Watch and Learn How to Apply

Save $60 and Be Healthier

  • Replace your lotion and save $15
  • Replace your deodorant and save $2
  • Replace your makeup remover and save $7
  • Replace your shaving cream and save $6
  • Replace your lip balm and save $2
  • Replace your toothpaste and save $3
  • Replace your eye cream and save $40

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