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By on January 27, 2015
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Have you noticed how just a single unwanted event early in the morning can ruin your whole day? Well, it’s not just you. Mornings are like the mood setter for the whole day. If you woke up feeling grumpy and lazy, there’s a high probability that you would feel the same for the whole day. On the other hand, boosting your mood in the morning can help you to become productive and happy for the whole day. Here are a few tips on how to make your mood rise up like the rising sun.

Take a Moment

Don’t jump out of your bed immediately. I have seen a video commercial for a coffee brand that shows a man, who jumped out of his bed the moment he woke up feeling all great and energetic. But in real life, don’t ever do that. First, your eyes are just warming up to its bright surroundings, and sitting up immediately forces your eyes to do its regular job. Come on, man! Give your eyes a break! Second, all the muscles in your body were also dormant for the whole night. So just like your eyes, they also need to warm up. And third, it is a good chance to meditate and make plans for your whole day.

Give Yourself a Moment

Do something for yourself. If a normal day to you means a full-packed schedule, this is a great way to reduce your anxiety. People normally get depressed because they don’t get to do what they want, and the reason behind that is their busy schedule. So start your day right. Dedicate 30 minutes for yourself, doing something you really want.

Eat Breakfast and Workout

Eat a balanced breakfast. We all want to be energetic throughout the day, and the key to that is eating a balanced breakfast. Breakfast is a very important meal. But admit it, you’ve skipped breakfast before. Mainly because you were about to be late for work or to school. Think of it, throughout the day, we eat about every three to five hours. But at night, when we sleep, our metabolism slows down, so our body can last for up to eight hours without being hungry. So by morning, your body would have burnt up all the food you had for supper. And guess what? Right, your stomach is empty. So if you went to work or school with an empty stomach, you will definitely feel lazy or clumsy.

Exercise. It is commonly said that to have a great day, you need to have some exercise in the morning. But in addition to that, exercises performed outside the house greatly boost our mood and it helps our body and minds to relax. You can go out for a short walk, or go to your garden to water your plants, or simply go out and smell the fresh outdoor air while stretching. Oxygen helps greatly in relaxing our mind. And who wouldn’t want to smell the fresh air before being confined to their air conditioned offices for 8 hours a day, right?

Connect With Nature Next

Listen to the sounds of nature. If there is a river or waterfall close by your house, take some time, even just a few minutes to listen to the flow of the water. Or if you live close to a park, go there and listen to the leaves rustling in the trees, and the birds chirping. According to a research on our mind’s response to sounds of nature, listening to such sounds sets a relaxed mood for our mind. But what if you are living downtown and there are no such places to go to? You can open your computer, go to YouTube, and search for recorded sounds of nature. You may not be on the scene, but still, it helps. If you want, you can download sounds onto your phone and play them for the whole day. Follow these tricks and say goodbye to grumpy days!

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