Happy Valentine’s Day – Eat Chocolate For Your Health

By on February 14, 2015

I was once eating chocolates when a friend of mine came by. Being a courteous person, I offered him some but he politely refused it. “I’m conscious of my health,” he said. The first question that came to my mind was, “Are you?”

Aside from tasting good and being my best friend whenever I am down, chocolates also have good effects on the body. Some of these effects might actually surprise you.

Chocolates Help Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Some chocolates are rich in saturated fats and dietary cholesterol. They are bad for your heart because they raise your bad cholesterol level. On the other hand, plant sterol and cocoa flavanol, which can also be found in chocolates, are good for your heart because they decrease your bad cholesterol levels. So if you know how to choose the right chocolate, you can be helping your heart instead of damaging it. What kind of chocolates has high plant sterol and cocoa flavanol? Dark chocolates contain more cocoa, and are richer in cocoa flavanol. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can eat as much dark chocolate as you want. They still contain sugar and too much sugar is a bad thing. Want to take it to the next level? Try raw chocolate like those by Gnosis. Their chocolate is lower in calories, sugars, and fats and higher in antioxidants.

Chocolates May Help Prevent Memory Loss

Although it is not a medicine against memory loss, chocolates help in keeping your mind active. According to a research conducted by scientists at Harvard Medical School, different parts of the brain may need different amounts of energy levels to function properly. Because of that, such parts also need better and more blood flow, and that is where chocolate steps-in. This process, they say, is called neurovascular coupling, and it helps in reducing the risk of (wait.. I forgot.)

Chocolates & Weight Loss

Wait, what? Chocolate helps in weight loss? That can’t be right. But yes, in fact, it does. In moderation, chocolates can aid in weight loss, especially dark chocolates. Again, dark chocolates contain flavanol. Flavanol may reduce your craving for sweets, salty, or oily foods.

Chocolates are Natural Stress Relievers and IQ Boosters

When you are under stress because of work, don’t feel guilty for grabbing a bar of chocolate. This will help you emotionally and mentally. Chocolates are known to be stress relievers. Because of the feel-good sensation that we get when eating chocolates. Chocolates also boost your mental power. Chocolate contains caffeine, and caffeine is a strong energy booster for people. It boosts certain parts of the brain that gives you more thinking power. So when you facing deadlines at work, grab a bar of chocolate.

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