Group B Strep UTI Treatment For Those Not Pregnant

By on October 28, 2015

Group B Strep UTI Treatment

Let me start off by telling you a story…

I was hanging out, minding my own business, when the burning began. I was on vacation and didn’t want to mess around so I will admit that I made a beeline to the doctor’s office. They started me on a round of Microbid aka Nitrofurantoin. My test results showed that I had E. coli which is one of the primary causes of a urinary tract infection. I faithfully took my treatment, abstained from sex and alcohol (even though I was on vacation), and yet I didn’t feel any better.

UTI Home Remedy

By this time we were back from vacation so I was instructed to go see my home doctor. I ran to my home doctor after spending the night crying due to pain. Home doctor took a urine test and found that I still had an infection. She put me on Cipro and sent me on the way. FIVE DAYS LATER – home doctor calls to tell me the test results show Group B Strep. You know – the infection they screen you for during pregnancy? But I’m not pregnant and my doctor went on to explain that in a normal, healthy person that Group B Strep shouldn’t cause any symptoms. She wanted me to test for diabetes, wanted me to see a urologist, wanted to put me on amoxicillin – more antibiotics! Let’s not forget the fact that amoxicillin leads to yeast infections. At this point in time it dawned on me, the doctors are medicating me not treating me.

Group B Strep Home Remedy

Before I continue, I should state that this is what worked for me. I am not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination.

At this point in time I was fed up. I started to do some research and visited with a local woman familiar with herbal treatments. She shuttered when I told her they wanted to put me on a third antibiotic and nodded sympathetically when I told her the drugs I had tried had failed to alleviate my symptoms. Perhaps that is because UTI’s are increasingly becoming antibiotic resistant? Regardless of the reason they weren’t working and they were making me feel worse, not better.

Herbal woman helped me create a plan to treat and to cure. I will warn you that her remedy requires swallowing a lot of pills – not fun. My husband joked that I needed one of those weekly pill organizers but I opted for a spreadsheet that I put on the refrigerator door. Was it worth it? Hell yea! After just two days I started to feel better. But be warned – take the full treatment. Don’t stop just because you feel better. Also keep in mind this regime is based upon the brands I’m recommending. If you choose your own pill, follow the directions on the package.


First things first, you will need to drink plenty of water. How much? Take your weight, divide it by half, and then increase that amount. For example, I weight 120lbs – half of that is 60 – increased by 50% is 90 so I should try to drink 90oz of water per day throughout the treatment. I also refrained from coffee, alcohol, and sex though I understand that may not be possible for everyone.

Second, try to cut sugar out of your diet as much as possible. Bacteria love sugar and reducing their food source and drinking water will help your body flush out bacteria. Both of these steps are an important part of the healing process.

Third, you will need to make a garlic tampon. Buy a fresh clove of garlic at the grocery store and remove the outer paper from the clove. Take a needle and thread and push it through the clove to make a tampon. Insert your garlic tampon at night and remove in the morning. I only did this once but you could do it for several days depending upon how you feel. If it burns, reduce the size of the clove or discontinue this part and move on to the rest of the regimen.


Wake up in the morning and say thanks that you are feeling better. Believe the treatment will work.

Drink part of your calculated water and have a low sugar breakfast with your pills. A good breakfast would be eggs or oatmeal with stevia.

1. One high quality Probiotic. (Keep these in the refrigerator.)

2. Take one Vitamin C Capsule

3. Take one garlic capsule.

4. This is the hard part. Take Five U.T. Vibrance pills.


Drink part of your calculated water and eat a low sugar lunch.

1. One Probiotic
2. Five U.T. Vibrance Pills


Drink part of your calculated water and eat a low sugar snack.

1. Five U.T. Vibrance Pills


Drink part of your calculated water and eat a low sugar dinner.

1. One Probiotic
2. Five U.T. Vibrance Pills
3. 1 Garlic Pill

Continue this process until you’ve taken the entire bottle of U.T. Vibrance. At this point in time you can continue taking the other pills for maintenance but you should feel better. I know I did. Not only that but my entire body was working better. The Probiotics helped my body recover from the antibiotics and helped my body get rid of excess waste. With the growing amount of UTIs resistant to antibiotics, I feel strongly that we should lean on natural cures where we can. What say you?

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