Get Rid of a Turkey Neck With These Exercises

By on June 23, 2014

Chin Exercise

I went to the dermatologist a couple months ago and she made a funny statement. She told me that so many people are injecting their faces and lazering away years of sun abuse and the end result is a “young face, old body”. She’s absolutely right but it doesn’t have to be that way. An often neglected area of the body is the chin and neck. Your neck and chest should receive the same white glove treatment as your face. And your chin? It’s a muscle and just like the muscles in your bottom, legs, and arms it will sag if you ignore it. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can stop a turkey neck.

According to turkey neck occurs when muscles separate but it can also occur due to genetics, bone loss, weight loss, and decline of skin elasticity. If the sagging is caused by general aging and muscle separation the best way to tighten up is to tone up.

Exercises to Improve a Turkey Neck

The platysma muscle wraps up your neck and through your jaw. It is the muscle that helps your neck and jaw maintain shape. If you don’t work the platysma muscle the muscle and skin around it will sag creating the dreaded turkey neck. The exercises to tone your platysma are so simple that you can do them outside of a gym.

EXERCISE ONE: Start by tilting your head back. Then take your lower lip and stretch it up high over your upper lip and try to touch it to your nose. Hold this pose for 15 seconds. It should feel like a slight stretch though your jaw area. Repeat the process 5 times per day and 3 days per week.

EXERCISE TWO: Next you will want to strengthen the portion of the platysma muscle that runs through your neck. There are multiple ways to do this. One is to leave your head unsupported while doing sit-ups. This will help tone your abdomen and your neck muscles. Keep your eyes straight to the ceiling as you sit-up. This will help keep your neck in proper alignment. Your arms will be crossed over your heart and you will exhale as you sit-up.

EXERCISE THREE: To take your sit-up to the next level try this level 2 sit-up. Get into a standard sit-up position and raise your arms up next to your ears. Keep your arms raised up next to your ears as you sit up. Keep your head in a steady position aligned to your back. You should feel tightness through your neck as your neck supports the weight of your head but it should not be painful. You don’t have to have a rope or a bar to do this exercise but the video below does show the proper alignment of the arms, neck, and head.

As always, ask your doctor before starting any new exercise routine and good luck!

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