Facing Stress Like a Pro

By on March 1, 2015

Wouldn’t it be cool if you were asked what your expertise is and you could say “Facing stress”? Stress comes in many forms. It may be from your job when there is so much work that needs to be done. Or it could be because of financial problems, budgeting, or expenses. Sometimes, stress is caused by family problems. Everyone has been faced with stress but not everyone handles it well. That is the reason why in October 1773, the first ever mental hospital in the United States was built. It’s true. Being unable to handle stress well can make you crazy, literally crazy.

From mere stress, you may develop depression, or the deep feeling of sadness, like its clouding all aspects of your life. Wouldn’t it make anyone crazy? So before you end up feeling out of control, let’s talk about how to handle stress properly.

Find the Route Cause of Stress

The first thing you should do is determine where your stress is coming from. It is important to know the source because stress spreads like a fire. To extinguish the fire, the best thing to do is cut out its source. Evaluate every aspect of your life. Which one bothers you most? If you know which one, you can take necessary actions to cut it out, or extinguish the stress. For example, you may be facing a lot of stress because of your financial needs. Would you immediately take actions and look for additional jobs to increase your salary? If you do that, you may only be adding more stress to your life. So instead, think deeper. Analyze, really analyze your situation. Why are you facing such financial shortages? It may be self inflicted due to living beyond your means. Mint offers a free tool for creating and tracking budgets. Taking action is important when eliminating stress. By using toold like Mint or by self evaluating, you may be able to identify ways to cut your spending. Cut expenses, balance your family budget, and make plans for saving money.

It may sound easy, but really, it’s not, especially when you are already feeling beaten by stress. Here’s a tip, do not let stress get into all aspects of your life.

Here’s a tip, do not let stress get into all aspects of your life

Don’t Let the Stress Weed Get Out of Control

If you are stressed at work, leave it there. Do not let stressful thoughts ruin your family bonding. Of course this is easier said than done. Stress is not something you can just unpack from your mind. The best plan is to find ways to make stress less important and to choke it out by replacing it with happiness in the deepest corners of your mind. Think of something happy. It could be a memory, a plan, or simply your favorite dish served at the table when you get home. Happy thoughts push stressful thoughts deeper into your minds consciousness. You should also take your time to have fun and enjoy. Do something for yourself. Go outside and play basketball with your friends, or enjoy a cold glass of wine, or simply slip down into your bath filled with warm water and a juniper based soak to help restore balance. Don’t miss out on opportunities to have fun.

Don’t Hide From Others

Lastly, be with people you care about. When we are stressed, we usually get the feeling that we want to be alone. But that is not a good thing to do. Being alone gives you more time to think of stressful thoughts. On the contrary, you should spend time with people you care about. It helps you to loosen up and forget whatever is giving you stress.

We cannot avoid stress. It is a freebie we get for living but we can improve our way of handling stress. Do it like a pro!

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