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By on March 27, 2015
Myth vs Fact

Here’s a fact, myths are more widespread than facts. There is so much information on the internet that it is hard to know what’s true and what’s not. Many blindly believe the things they read about, even though it is just a myth. Let’s look at what some people believe, and let’s find out if it is a Myth or a Fact.

“Eggs are bad for your heart.”

Reason: Eggs contain a substantial amount of cholesterol. A large egg may contain 200 mg of cholesterol.

That is a myth. Eggs do contain that much cholesterol and cholesterol contributes to clogged arteries but an egg does more good than harm. Before you go make a large omelet for yourself, consider first what the American Diet Association says about cholesterol intake. They say that keeping your intake lower than 300mg will help in reducing the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack.

“Eating peanuts causes acne”

Reason: Peanut contains androgen, which increases sebum production, which in turn triggers acne.

Fact. Peanuts generally make people oilier and an oily face definitely triggers acne, or makes it worse.

“Carbs make you fat.”

Reason: It’s what my next door neighbor told me.

Definitely a myth. Carbohydrates do not make you fat, calories do. In fact, if you’re are trying to lose weight, eating carbohydrates and exercising are going to help not hurt. Carbohydrates are like our body’s fuel. If you cut them out from your diet, you are missing out on one important food group. A no carb diet is not a balanced diet.

“Radiation from microwaves creates dangerous compounds in your food”


Again, a myth. When you hear the word radiation, you may immediately think of nuclear power plants. That’s true. Radiation coming from nuclear plants is dangerous, even deadly. However, radiation from microwaves is different. The word radiation simply refers to energy that travels in waves. Although some radiation actually poses health risks, microwaves are much weaker and less harmful. So, no, microwaves do not turn your food into a monster.

“You crave certain foods because you’re deficient in one of the nutrients they provide.”

Reason: Our body is highly integrated. So if it wants something, it means it needs it.

Another myth, unless you are a moose or a deer, then yes, you crave for what you need. As I assume you are a human, it is a myth. Craving for something is mainly emotional. If you are restricted to eat something, or if your diet is becoming boring, then your body will make you crave for something. Often times, something that you can’t have right away.

“Skipping meals for diet purposes could actually make you fat”

Reason: When you start skipping meals, your body adapts to that and makes your metabolism slower. Then if you go back to your normal way of eating, you’ll gain weight faster.

This is a fact. Yes, trying to lose weight the wrong way leads to gaining weight instead of losing it. If your body feels like you are not eating enough food, it quickly adapts and decreases the amount of energy it uses. As a result, you may feel weak or lazy. The sad part is that once you feel like you’ve reached your goal and you start going back to eating 3 meals a day … your body will again store up fats. All that work will go down the toilet. If you really want to lose weight, consult a nutritionist.

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