An Ode To Sh*t Crunchy People Say

By on July 18, 2014

Organic life. To most of us it’s just life and we see the benefits but you have to admit that organic buzzwords can be rather comical. Unless you’ve been hiding under a technology rock, you’ve problem seen a few sh*t (fill in the blank) people say videos floating around. I’m sorry if you are sick of them but this one just tickles me to death.

This organic mama decided to create an organic buzzword montage covering everything from placenta eating to big pharma. If you are up for a laugh today check it out.

But with all of this talk of crunchy mamas we sometimes forget how all of this talk impacts our partners. In this video crunchy dad responds with a little organic talk of this own. It tickles me to death that he has accepted crunchy mama’s lifestyle to the point that he would not only agree to make this video but says things like “do we have any normal toothpaste” and “you’ve gotta get a diaper sprayer” without laughing. Hilarious!

Comment below and let me know your favorite healthy lifestyle buzzwords du jour.

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